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People Check Service

If you have family or friends living independently and you're too far away to check in on them yourself, or you require someone to stop in on you, let our professional team perform these services.

While a personal alarm is great and can let someone know when there's an emergency, nothing is better than someone actually visiting to see firsthand if they are okay and have the necessities.

People Check offers a standard half-hour or extended one-hour visit, where your or your loved one's well-being is confirmed.  We can also assist with some light chores while we're there and ensure the home is safe and secure every time we visit.

Home care isn't always an option, or required.  We'll fill the gap that sometime exists between independent living and home care.

We're here for everyone from independent seniors to your college or university students living alone.

Contact our team today to discuss your individual needs. As with all our programs, we will tailor a program based on your specific needs.


Caring for a Senior