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A New Kind of Security Company

Central House Watch is more than your typical security company.  While we offer some of the most unique alarm and professional monitoring services in the industry, we are also a full service residential, personal and commercial security company, including our Home Check and People Check services.

The Central Advantage!

All security personnel at Central House Watch are experienced Law Enforcement Officers

Our team has years of experience in the enforcement, security and safety industries.  

"Security is more than just alarms, cameras or static patrols.  Our experts take pride in enabling our clients to protect themselves.  We empower you with an awareness and the tools to protect those you love, yourself, and your property.   We're here to partner with you and provide you with 'your' security plan..." Chris Eamer, Founder & CEO

Meet Your New Partner

When you call Central, you will be teamed up directly with one of our experts.  That expert will look after all your security needs, now and going forward.  That's right, each customer will personally know their security expert. 

Our experts are part of your community and have a vested interest in it, same as you.

Who better to protect your loved ones and your property.



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Free Comprehensive Security Assessment

When You Sign Up For Your Initial Service

Central House Watch takes a progressive approach to security and safety services.  Every new Residential, Commercial or People Check client starts with a free comprehensive security assessment completed by our trained professionals.  Central House Watch can help you resolve the issues before they become a problem, adding to your peace of mind and security when you are home or away.